Portable Income - The Ultimate Business And Pension Plan

Having portable income for life is the ultimate business or pension plan. The old retirement model of working until sixty five years old and then retiring on a pension is proving flawed. Many pensions have been destroyed and those still viable are being wiped out by inflation.

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This creates opportunity for those willing to embrace this upheavel and learn that being paid to do what you love and being paid from an easy to maintain home business work opportunity, semi-passive income or portable business is better and more secure than depending on a third party job or retirement provider or depending on a bankrupt social insurance type government hand out program.

Having passive and portable income through multiple portable investments or multiple portable business opportunities are the best pension plans for retirement income security. Being able to earn income online or offline anywhere you are in the world is one of the greatest assets you can obtain through the opportunities featured on our web site.

Earn Money On The Internet With Income Online

The asset called portable income provides you with freedom that few people know is possible. Just the other day this writer met a woman who longed to go back to her hometown but lamented she could not because of the lack of jobs there. I told her she needed a portable business and this would allow her to go back there and live. After seeing a light turn on in her eyes, she agreed this would allow her to live in that beautiful place.

Most people move and some move a couple of times during their life time so having portable income through investments or building a business that you can take with you wherever you move is wise and could be the difference between suffering or living in security, safety, and comfort during your retirement years. Now is the time to start planning ahead and we created this website to help you.

Freedom Home Business Work Opportunity

The best portable businesses and portable income opportunities featured on this web site provide that kind of freedom because they are diversified around the world and provide you with multiple streams of income. The idea of having multiple streams of income for retirement income security has been strongly written about by several wise millionaires in the past.

But one important insight that has not been stressed by these authors is the wisdom of having these income streams portable and multi-jurisdictional (diversified globally) for ultimate protection and safety. What good is it to have all your income streams proceeding from one country that is on the edge of bankruptcy and whose whole electrical grid could be rendered useless for many months from just one EMP terrorist attack?

In light of what we just described in the last paragraph it is prudent for anyone who is planning on retiring outside your own country to have multiple streams of income that are diversified globally. This is the only way to secure income for life. As a subscriber to our mailing list you will be kept informed of the best diversified multi-jurisdictional portable income streams.

Portable Income could be a home based business that you can take with you when you relocate to another city, region, or country. Most people move during their lifetime, and so anyone with half a brain wants portable income so that when they relocate they will not lose their income.

This kind of income that goes with you could be a portable business, or it could be income from investments that of course can be paid to you wherever you are in the world. The income could be from a portable trade or occupation that you may have developed or gotten the skills for by being an apprentice or by attending school.

The best retirement pension is also portable income that could be your sole source of income or an addition to the pension you are already receiving. Because many retired people want to relocate to another place in the world your pension should not be from one source and from one country. If your pension is eaten up through inflation then having a portable business so you can earn income online could be the best retirement planning scenario for the future.

There are various ways to earn money on the Internet. For example, you could have a website business set up and earn money from Google Adsense and the affiliate products you sell on your website. If you create a list with a sign up form on your site then you can email out to your list and make sales from time to time.

You can also earn money online through leveraging the efforts of others via MLM or network marketing opportunities. These online MLMs allow you to develop a residual income online so that you can supplement or replace your pension income which is being destroyed through inflation etc.

Furthermore, having an Efranchise™ business that is portable just because it operates solely on the internet is also good for people with mental or physical handicaps who have problems working in regular jobs or succeeding in independent contractor type sales jobs. Portable Income Dot Net is different from most home business consulting web sites in that we specialize in helping anyone who hates selling or who may or may not be good at traditional selling or who may or may not have that perfect business personality.

Most traditional multilevel marketing plans and traditional businesses that require you to have a certain look or personality to be a success fall into that category of businesses that people with handicaps do not succeed in. An Efranchise Business™ is the perfect business for a disabled person because you don't have to learn special personal sales skill sets or have an outgoing and magnetic personality to succeed. You only need to be able to follow what is written in the operating instructions that are given to you and follow the steps for getting traffic. If you do those steps with an Online Efranchise Business™ then it is possible to succeed.

Portable income through investments or a portable home business work opportunity is also good for missionaries or those who like to do volunteer work but can not support themselves with the money they have already saved up. These kind of people need a passive and/or portable income to pay for transportation, lodging, and food.

Missionaries or people who like to do volunteer work also need a way to support themselves. With the downturn in the economy no one should be depending on others for their support when there are excellent portable income opportunities available. So in this day and age it is necessary for missonaries or volunteer workers to have a portable business that they can take with them anywhere in the world to receive the portable income to support themselves and give away to the less fortunate that they encounter. This web site will help these kinds of people also with ideas about how to earn money on the internet.

People succeed with the businesses or investments accessed through this web site and its partners only because they desire freedom of time and location with all their heart above all things and we help them get to the point where money or their business is working for them instead of them mostly working for money. Most home based businesses result in the business owner becoming an overworked slave of the business rather than the business working for them without head ache producing employees. Because portable income opportunities can work for you they are the best business or pension plans since much free time is now assured for you.

The owners and administrators of this web site thank God for the very rare ways, tools, contacts, and portable income and business opportunities that we have been provided with to easily and methodically build income on the internet. We also have the experience to pick the very best portable income opportunities in order to show you how you can do what we have already done successfully and how you can have portable income and/or a semi-passive income business which is your ultimate business and pension plan.

We have also assembled affiliated partners who will work with you in helping you to obtain the initial funds to get started on some of the opportunities that require money to work for you and we have partners who provide you with economical company formation and maintenance, economical company funding, economical web site building that can be done for you if you like, and also other tools and services that you will need to succeed in some of the passive and portable income opportunties that you will find on this web site and in the portable income ezine that you subscribe to on our site.

Now is the best time to start. You can start small and spend only a couple of hours a week to get started. But the key is making a start even if it is small. It is one small step for man, but one giant leap for your future income. Take that small step now and become a member of our mailing list so you keep in touch with updated information that we will be sending to you.

The information and the opportunties that will be coming your way can give you the freedom that most people do not know is possible and may only dream about. You can secure the ultimate portable income through a movable business or investments that will become a solid pension plan for you so that you truly become free. Now is the time to get started on retirement with the portable income opportunities found on our web site and updated in our mailing list. We will help you thrive and not just survive in a world where we are increasingly losing our freedoms. You can have true portable income freedom if you follow us. Thanks for taking the time to read this message from us.



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